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Educating Students to Avoid Playground Bullying

When children leave home for primary school, they often have adjustment issues as they learn how to be part of a larger group. Their extended family has the taught them their own moral codes and way of life, but not every family functions quite the same. Learning how to accept differences between them can become an issue, and one of the main issues is that of bullying. While it might be acceptable behaviour in a few families, it is an overall skill many educators want children to learn to avoid.

Leaving the Classroom

During class time, bullying is usually not an issue as children are closely supervised. The hallways and eating areas are places inside where the concept of bullying can be learned by those who are impatient,, and it can even occur as children wait to enter the building in the morning. Bullying can become an issue on the playground as older or larger children find they can avoid supervision, so helping children understand and avoid bullying situations has become an important issue in today’s schools.

Anti-Bullying Assemblies

Giving children direction in areas other than strictly academic subjects has become an important part of modern education, and holding assemblies has become a time when teaching anti-bullying KS2 Powerpoints will give them an opportunity to understand bullying is never acceptable. Educators have found that children learn well when they are shown slides and video to go along with speaking, and Primary School Powerpoints has a number of packages to support them in this important subject. Gathering the children in a group gives everyone an opportunity to learn at the same time, and it helps reinforce the concepts they are being taught.

No Easy Answers

While there are no easy ways for educators to help children stand up to bullies, supporting them in avoidance is a good way to begin. Children who learn to recognize what is occurring can often learn how to move away from the area, or they can be taught to summon assistance from adults. It might not always work well, but these are the initial steps they must be taught to learn how to cope with those who believe they are above the rules of society.

Teaching Life Concepts

The goal of education is to teach children from a young age the concepts that will help them through many different life situations, so avoiding playground bullies is one way to elevate society through formal schooling. Children will eventually need to develop their own skills to deal directly with this issue, but supporting them at the beginning is the best way to help them learn social skills that will serve them for their entire lifetime.

Modern education has much more to deal with than just reading and writing, and giving students the tools they need to deal with life situations must now be taught at an even earlier age than ever before. Educators have found that giving children verbal as well as visual information is a combination that works well for many concepts they will need to carry far into the future.